Why use a Home Watch Service?

When considering who you would like to watch your home while you are away, you may find yourself thinking, "why pay for a service when I can have my neighbour or family member stop in to check my house?" But what if... 

What if a serious problem arises? Would they know how to deal with it safely and quickly? Would they know what to look for or how to identify certain problems? Can they provide proof to insurance of their visits should a claim be needed? Faulty electrical, failed appliances, plumbing leaks, pests, thieves, squatters and storm damage are all realistic concerns. 

What if someone is in the house when they arrive? Would they be prepared for this situation and know how to react? Would they be able to identify entry points by both pests and humans?

Friends and family would almost never say no if you ask them to watch your home, but this can be an added burden and a big responsibility for already busy people. Your home is one of your most valuable assets, and caring for that investment is a priority.  Limiting the risk of damage and theft while you are away is our top priority.