Total Home Watch is a professional home watch service designed to provide home owners with a reliable and affordable way to keep their home safe and sound while they are away. We will create a customized checklist and schedule, with your wants and needs, to ensure your home and valuables are secure and safe. Each visit is documented, and a report generated for homeowners as proof that you have maintained the requirements for your home and property insurance coverage. If any problems do arise, we will promptly notify you and support you to contain and manage the situation.
Your home is one of your most valuable assets and contains your most important possessions. Allowing neighbours, friends and family to look over these assets while you are away could be costly and place them in an undesirable situation. Total Home Watch is professionally trained and insured. We have the knowledge and the tools to monitor your home and maintain your property so you return to your home as it was with no surprises. A full list of our services is listed under the "service" page and if you are looking for a service not listed feel free to contact us.
Total Home Watch also provides services for real-estate agents with vacant listings and Airbnb owners that require help maintaining or servicing a property that they just can't get to.